Activating Art
Blake Unger Dvorchik

Artist Statement
        My work focuses on taking important social issues that are highly inaccessible -- either because they are too academic, too scientific, too dry, or simply spread out across too large of an area -- and distilling them down into a coherent piece that is compelling and informative enough to motivate people effectively.   To that end, I often work as a human data visualization, using large numbers of facts to create objective but highly critical portrayals of specific issues.   I've used a variety of methods to accomplish my goals, from installing fabricated road signs along the highway that encourage traffic safety, to creating redacted lithographs of the Bill of Rights that discuss the suppression of civil liberties, to making a television commercial on Body Burden -- the effects of ubiquitous environmental toxins on humans.

        Blake Unger Dvorchik was born in 1985, with his twin brother, to a sculptor and a poet.   He grew up in Vermont, spending much of his time reading books, and playing outside.   He started drawing at an early age, and developed his art-making through high school, where he was introduced to intaglio, oil painting, and sculpture.   He enrolled in Carnegie Mellon University and began incorporating a socio-political dimension into his work.   He still spends most of his time doing the same things as when he was younger, except regrettably, spending less time outside.

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